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Cochrane reunites with Red Rider pal

Cochrane Reunites With Red Rider Pal

On his new release “No Stranger,” Tom Cochrane again explores the human condition from a third person narrative, but does it more intimately thanks to a reconciliation with an old friend.

New album awaits U.S. release - Tom Cochrane

New Album Awaits U.S. Release

TORONTO-Despite being a major artist in Canada for 18 years and having significant stateside success previously, Tom Cochrane still lacks a commitment to release his new album, “XRay Sierra,” in the U.S.

Cochrane's back, but is radio ready?

Cochrane’s Back, But Is Radio Ready?

TORONTO-With “XRay Sierra,” his first album of new songs in four years, Tom Cochrane makes the transition from heartland rocker to mature singer/songwriter. But the artist may face an uphill battle at radio, where it’s been six years since his last hit singles.

Cochrane Takes A Road Less Traveled

Cochrane Takes A Road Less-Traveled

Four years ago, Tom Cochrane was cruising along life’s highway. He had left the Canadian band Red Rider and his solo debut, “Mad Mad World,” sold 2 million copies worldwide, while the single from the collection, “Life Is a Highway” was a Top 10 hit. But with that kind of success comes stress and demands, or in Cochrane’s words, some “Ragged Ass Road.”

Life Is A Highway For Canada's Tom Cochrane

Life Is A Highway For Canada’s Tom Cochrane

Life Is A Highway for Canada’s Tom Cochrane. Tom Cochrane is Canada’s foremost traditional rock musician, and a humanitarian as well – with a love for the traditional Harley! Tom is one of the good guys! and he is a purist.

Sitting In The Ditch With Tom Cochrane

Sitting In The Ditch With Tom Cochrane

Can someone be somber and optimistic at the same time? If so, that’s the fragile balance Tom Cochrane’s trying to achieve on his latest release, Ragged Ass Road. In fact, dark, murky, ambivalent sludge coats almost every song on the new release.

RPM Magazine

EMI Music Readies World For Ragged Ass Road

Ragged Ass Road – Taking that one giant leap from domestic success to international stardom can be a daunting task for any artist, no matter what your country of origin may be. For a Canadian, however, any designs on worldwide…

Kidsday Talking With Tom Cochrane

Kidsday Talking With Tom Cochrane

We interviewed recording artist Tom Cochrane while he was on Long Island recently. His solo debut album “Mad Mad World” features the current hit single “Life Is a Highway.” He is a very dedicated artist who does all his own writing and composing. He was born and raised in Manitoba, Canada. We enjoyed meeting him.

Tom Cochrane In Motion

Tom Cochrane In Motion

Tom Cochrane knew what he was writing about when he put those words on paper.
After cruising along for more than a decade as the front man for Red Rider — the Canadian band best know for the 1981 hit “Lunatic Fringe”

Cochrane Rides Highway Into States - Tom Cochrane Article

Cochrane Rides Highway Into States

TORONTO – After the chart-topping Canadian success of Tom Cochrane’s album “Mad Mad World,” largely on the strength of its leadoff single, Life Is A Highway,” one could almost expect this would be the year of a long awaited U.S. breakthrough for the ex-Red Rider front man.

Review: Tom Cochrane; The Smithereens

Former Red Rider vocalist Tom Cochrane said a fan encouraged him to play more Red Rider “covers” after a recent show. That comment is pretty indicative of what an enigma Cochrane is to American audiences. While mining multiplatinum awards and No. 1 records in his native Canada, he’s still looking for his breakthrough in the United States.

Tom Cochrane The Mad Mad Story

Tom Cochrane: The Mad Mad Story

If “Life Is A Highway,” as Tom Cochrane’s break-through single suggests, then he’s finally riding it to the highest peaks of the Canadian music industry. Cochrane’s Mad Mad World has sold more than 600,000 units in Canada.

Cochrane Bests Adams In Canadian Awards Rivalry - Juno Awards 1992

Cochrane Bests Adams In Canadian Awards Rivalry

TORONTO–Internationally lauded Bryan Adams led the pack of Juno Award nominees at Canada’s 21st annual Juno Awards, held March 29 at the O’Keefe Centre here. But he was soundly beaten by local favorite singer/songwriter Tom Cochrane.

Tom Cochrane 1992 Juno Awards

Adams To Perform At Upcoming Juno Presentation

TORONTO–Ending recent rumors that Bryan Adams would not be appearing on the televised Juno Awards show, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has announced he will perform at the upcoming 21st annual ceremony March 29 here.

Maclean's Magaine

Rock ‘N’ Roll Breakthrough

Tom Cochrane Cruises to Fame.The song is a bout life on the road and the sometimes rocky road of life. In many ways, it is also a metaphor of Tom Cochrane’s own roundabout journey to the brink of big-time success.

Victory Day - Canadian Musician

Red Rider Victory Day For Tom Cochrane

Tom Cochrane has a saying that he applies not only to music, but to his life as well. It goes like this: You have to do the opposite of what you think you have to do, in order to get the things you want”.

Rocker Gets Personal On New Disc

Canadian rocker Tom Cochrane is feeling slighted. People make a big fuss over new teen-dream bands, like Honeymoon Suite. When the Honeymooners landed a song on Miami Vice…

Music With A Poetic Message

Music With Poetic Message

In the 1960s it was Dylan, in the 1970s it was Springsteen, and in the 1980’s it’s Red Rider. The common theme is music with a message. Says Red Rider vocalist-composer Tom Cochrane.

Good Grief! Canadian Rock Is Expounding - Red Rider

Good Grief! Canadian Rock Is Expounding

Poor Tom Cochrane’s got it all wrong. Doesn’t he know you just can’t try and be intellectual in rock ‘n’ roll, especially the Canadian variety? So where does this singer-songwriter for the group Red Rider…

Sellout Shows Sweet To Underrated Band

Sellout Shows Sweet To Underrated Band

For a couple of years, Tom Cochrane’s Red Rider has been Canada’s most underrated successful Rock Band. In the era of the corporate accountant-musician, Cochran looks to Rimbaud or Neruda for inspiration.

Ned Powers

Ned Powers

Tom Cochrane, leader of Red Rider, believes the band is gaining its remarkable recognition because it finally establishes an identity. The band will play at 7 p.m. and 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday.

Proud Pushers of all-Canuck Rock

Proud Pushers Of All-Canuck Rock

It all occurred quite subtly. No one was really aware of the secret society known as Friends Of The Beaver, a society dedicated to the promotion of Canadian rock ‘n’ roll.